The decanning of catalytic converters, containing ceramic honeycomb bricks, implies opening the converter in order to separate the ceramic brick from the steel can. This operation is done by hydraulic shear. Alternative processes include a plasma cutter for big catalytic converter and DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter). Whatever the process used, make sure to pay proper attention to dust collection and safety.

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In 2012, Ecotrade Group completed construction of a new state-of-the-art catalyst sampling facility where recycling lots are crushed and sampled prior to processing. This new facility has significantly increased Ecotrade’s receiving and sampling capacity and provides the ability to receive product from multiple shippers simultaneously. The facility efficiently provides assay samples ready for analysis in the laboratory.

de-canned_cat      de-canning_machine

No two catalytic converters are the same. In fact the quantity of recoverable precious metal in catalytic converters varies by type so much that some are worth much more than others. By categorizing catalytic converters using our grading system, you can expect a better return for your high-value units.

Furthermore, thanks to our ultra-modern laboratory, equipped with the latest X-RAY analyzer, we can determine the recycling process required for each type of model to ensure that everything that can be salvaged is extracted and processed. This also ensures our client always gets the best prices on your catalytic converters.

lab_machine      precious metal powder

Once we receive the converters, they are submitted to the process of cutting and refining which involves recuperating the reusable materials from the converters and purifying the substance. This is done using our arc furnace, which is capable of processing over 300 Ton of feed per annum. If you are already refining your catalytic converters, let us analyze your products to ensure that you are getting the best deal available. We know we can make a difference.

Ecotrade Group is more than a recycling services provider. You can count on our competence, especially in the field of precious metal trading. We provide services and information covering all aspects of the precious metals platinum, palladium and rhodium. Professional, fast and reliable. You want to sell rhodium by forward contract? You need palladium at your London location? Your production needs a fast delivery of platinum? We will also find the optimum solution for these special tasks - for all precious metals and all situations.


Ecotrade’s headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand are ideally located close to the city’s main port, and we have great expertise in receiving and administrating imported goods into the country.

In addition, we offer de-canning services, free of charge, to minimize the workload for our customers - pack the cats, fill in the forms and we’ll do the rest!

Ecotrade’s popular and effective “Ship to Us” service is available for bulk consignments in excess of 2 tons to be processed at our recycling facility in Malaysia.

To take advantage of this excellent service, please ensure all cats are packed securely in lidded drums for deliveries of up to 2 tons, or, for larger consignments, in bulk bags/jumbo sacks/elephant sacks. Then, load on plastic or wooden pallets that are fit-for-purpose, secured by straps, rope or shrink-wrapping to ensure stability.

To guarantee speedy delivery, please provide the following information:

  • Name / identification of customer
  • Content details, if mixed pallets
  • Gross & Net weight.