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Catalytic Converter Factory

Since its establishment in 2006, Ecotrade has become the leading buyer of cats (catalytic converters) in South East Asia, and is rapidly expanding its operations and logistics networks in Europe, Australia, USA and beyond.

Heavy investment in equipment and facilities at premises in Bangkok, Thailand, close to the city’s main port to allow efficient handling of imported cats, has been the mainstay of the company’s ongoing success, together with an accumulation of deep knowledge and experience. Building on this success, we have continued to invest in new, modern laboratory facilities and, most recently, in the first in Asia, state-of-the-art sampling equipment. This means we can now provided incredibly accurate measurement of PGM (Platinum Group Metals) content in any batch of cats, using methods fully approved by the industry’s “watchdogs”.

We believe that we are the only recycler that offers a complete “one-stop-shop” with a range of services that includes collection, decanning, sampling, PGM content analysis and toll refining. We have built a renowned reputation for professionalism, transparency and top class personal service through our extensive network of agents.

What we do

Pile of catalytic converters

In response to increasing concerns during the 1970’s over carbon emissions and their impact on the environment, many Western countries brought in legislation that led to manufacturers introducing the catalytic converter on to all new vehicles. The cat is designed to significantly reduce noxious emissions, and to do this efficiently needs appreciable quantities of PGM’s (platinum, palladium and rhodium). The rarity, value and mining impact of these precious metals makes recovery and recycling an important environmental concern.

For over a decade, Ecotrade has led the way in Asia in the recovery and recycling of PGM’s, using modern technology to determine quantities and values in any batch. Our equipment investment means we can optimize the yield, thus are able to offer our customers the best possible financial return. We offer a streamlined, transparent trading process that includes, if required, collection anywhere in the world, firm, committed offers, and speedy payment in full. With only one point of contact, our customers are able to track the progress of their consignment at any point in time, and we are well known and appreciated for our total honesty, integrity and personable service.

Environmental issues

Recycling environment

Environmental concerns over toxic emissions from gas engines led to the introduction of catalytic converters in the 1970’s and they are now mandatory in most countries in the world. As cars are replaced, the cat’s recovery and recycling is of significant benefit, both financially and environmentally, due to the use of precious metals - Palladium. Rhodium and Platinum - that are fundamental to its function.

These metals are both rare and environmentally harmful to mine, factors that have led to the development of techniques to efficiently and economically recycle in order to provide a sustainable future for the motor industry. Ecotrade has, for the past 15 years, been at the heart of the industry, investing significantly in the necessary machinery and equipment and developing an infrastructure that ensures the best possible yield, and hence profit, for its customers.